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Nepal is the land of myths, mystic, and magic. From the snow-covered peaks in the north to the lush green jungles and plain fields of the south, the country is filled with the diverse landscapes naturally and culturally, for those who seek adventures, cultural insights, or just a luxury retreat. That’s where we, GO Travels, come in.

As part of SDU Travels, GO Travels is the one-stop solution when it comes to exploring Nepal and its periphery, Bhutan and Tibet. Having experiences of more than 20 years in the tourism industry and 10 years as a team, GO Travels provides carefully crafted experiences in all the categories such as culture & heritage, art & architecture, wildlife, luxury, wellness retreat, honeymoon and adventures among others. We focus on personalized catering to everyone who wishes to visit Nepal, focusing on the local experiences.



GO Travels was started by people who are passionate about showcasing Nepal to the world. Although our team is young and dynamic, they already have expertise when it comes to operating tours in the country because of the experiences we’ve gained as a part of SDU Travels. GO Travels started keeping the lessons we’ve learnt till now, turning the obstacles and hurdles we’ve faced into opportunities to present Nepal through the different lenses.

Besides that, as a part of a large organization, our beach marks are high when it comes to providing the services. Hence, we are professionals, providing you the best quality and making sure that you experience no trouble. We’ve managed complex travel logistics, from coordinating the accommodations to immigration formalities, giving meticulous attention to every small detail.

We personalize our services according to your needs and design our packages based on experiences. We not only make sure that you get a chance to locally experience the country, taking in the surroundings and the culture, we also tell the stories behind these experiences. Our expert tour managers and escorts are passionate storytellers, sharing their knowledge of natural and cultural heritage, from the legends of how Kathmandu was established to sightings of Yeti. With their help, we know exactly where to be when and why to experience breathtaking moments in Nepal that you will remember for years to come.

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GO Travels is also part of Golchha Organization, one of the biggest business houses of Nepal, started back in 1934AD. With the vast resources and better relationship with both the government and private sector, GO Travels can handle any sort of your clients’ requirement for a smooth experience while in Nepal.


Sanjay Mathema


A Masters In Business Administration and product of Hotel Management Institute from Schloss Klesheim Institute of Tourism, Salzburg Austria a successful professional with a experience spanning over 14 years in the Hotel and Tourism business. During the working period has been involved in Product development, International Sales at various management levels, Operations, Quality control, Contracting & Marketing. This has given international exposure and involved extensive travel to several countries to attend major Travel Marts worldwide for Business Promotion. Interest and hobbies include music, reading and travelling.



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