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Relief for travelers as flights resume after the lockdown

Domestic and international flights to resume with implementation of strict safety protocols after flights had been suspended due to the lockdown.

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New prohibitory orders - How will it be affecting you ?

Anyone obstructing the implementation of the ordinance or violating the restrictions will be liable to a fine of up to Rs500,000 and one year jail or both. Anyone found without a mask in public can be fined Rs100 and those found violating the movement restriction can be fined Rs200.

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Visa issuance update - Find out what's new ?

The Department of Immigration (DOI), Govt. of Nepal has decided to shut down all the visa services except enlisted below until further notice from 20th May 2021

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Update - Lockdown and International/ Domestic flights

Lockdown further extended in Kathmandu and other districts of Nepal. International/ Domestic flights further suspended.

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International/ Domestic flights suspended and lockdown outside Kathmandu

International flights Nepal, Nepal flights cancelled, Weekly flights Kathmandu to Delhi, Lockdown outside Kathmandu

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Lockdown in Kathmandu - How is it affecting travellers ?

Lockdown in Kathmandu, and other parts of Nepal due to Covid-19. How it is affecting foreign and domestic travel to and from Kathmandu, Nepal. Updated mandates for foreign travel to Nepal.

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'Seto Machindranath Jatra' Festivals in Nepal

Seto Machindranath Jatra, The Ritual behind it, The Chariot procession and the folklore

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'Bisket Jatra' Festivals in Nepal

Bisket Jatra (Biska Jatra) is celebrated on the Nepali New Year day at Bhaktapur, Nepal. The festival has it's own local variation at Thimi, Bode and Tokha.

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'Traditional Nepali Alcohol' - Nepali Culture

Raksi is a traditional local Nepalese spirit made from distilled rice, kodo, or millet, enjoyed during religious ceremonies, but also consumed by the general public as they wish.

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