Go Travels Nepal


A synergy of luxury
and sustainability

At Go Travels, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness in the tourism industry. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with a vast network of sustainability experts, community leaders, and scientists from around the world.

Through our partnerships, we aim to identify and support critical environmental initiatives and sustainable development projects that can make a positive impact on the planet.

Our eco-tours are designed to showcase the local culture and people, while also promoting environmental conservation and animal welfare. Special recognition is given to the awareness of Indigenous communities and respecting their legacies, lives and connections to the land.

Besides initiating donation drives for flood and earthquake victims, our volunteering programs are a way for us to connect with local organizations and contribute to their meaningful work.

One of our favorite partnerships is with the Bamboo school, where we bring together travelers from all corners of the globe with the school’s owners.

Together, we have been able to support the school in various ways, including donations, building and renovating school properties, and teaching and caring for the students.

We are honored to be a part of this collaboration and humbled by the impact that we are able to make through our customers’ generosity and willingness to get involved.

We believe that travel, when done with consideration for local communities, environments, and biodiversity, can become an agent for change in addressing our planet’s most pressing conservation challenges.

We are also proud to be affiliated with Venture waste to energy pvt. Ltd., a social enterprise that converts waste into energy. This partnership helps us to reduce our environmental impact by offsetting our carbon emissions.

Venture waste to energy pvt. Ltd. is a valuable partner for us in our efforts to achieve sustainable tourism. Their work to convert waste into energy helps to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for Nepal.

When you travel with Go travels Nepal, you can be sure that you’re helping to make a difference. Your trip will be good for the environment, and it will also support the local economy.

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